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Who we are

Lean Ventures Limited was established in 2011 and incorporated in 2014. We supply, install, repair and maintain Air Conditioning system, cold rooms & Morgues (Refrigeration system), Mechanical Ventilation (ducting/grilles) system, air extraction systems (fans/ de- humidifiers), raised/false floors and fire suppression system. We also supply, install, maintain and repair air-conditioning and refrigeration system in buses and commercial trucks respectively.

Our vision

To become East Africa’s most reputable and popular suppliers and contractors of Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Mechanical Ventilation Systems.

Our mission

To generate a resourceful and broad-minded role in air- conditioning, plumbing, fire suppression systems and mechanical sectors as we provide employment and sustainable development in the society.

Quality policy

Lean Ventures Ltd is committed to quality as the great operating precedence. Our goal is to ensure total customer satisfaction with our products and services through determination to exceed customer expectations. This will be achieved through continual improvements by review of our processes and customer/field feedback. We shall also ensure that our employees are in tandem with their responsibilities and customer needs.


Our operations are now available across the countries. Since establishment in 2011, the company has built up an impressive list of clientele in the Country with whom a healthy relationship has been cultivated effectively making them to repeatedly do business with us.


We have a team of experienced and qualified staff who dedicate their time and expertise towards high quality product and service delivery.


Mechanical & Energy engineering


Power Engineering and Thermo-physics


Refrigeration and air conditioning


Gypsum technology

Our services

What we love to do

We are a Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation Systems Contractor and Supplier.

Our involvement in the industry includes:-

Air Conditioning systems

Installation, maintenance and servicing of air conditioning machines ranging on different sizes, usage and designs.

Refrigeration Systems

Installation, maintenance and servicing of refrigeration machines of different sizes, designs and usage such as morgues, kitchen cold rooms, fresh vegetable trucks, meat carriers and iced goods transporters and stores.

Mechanical ventilation systems

Installation, maintenance and servicing of mechanical ventilation systems ranging from ducting, extraction fans, de-humidifiers, grilles, dampers, filters, louvers, bends, aluminum foils widely used in offices, kitchenettes, laboratories and industries.

Raised floors and Gypsum Partitioning

Installation, maintenance and servicing of raised floor for server rooms, switch rooms, computer rooms, control rooms and decorative and normal gypsum partitioning.

Who we serve

We have a wide range of clients ranging from mid-level companies to large corporations in the following sectors:

Banking and private businesses

These include commercial banks and private business premises.

Hotel & Medical industry

These include hotels, restaurants, hospitals and morgues

Supermarkets & shopping malls

These include shopping malls, supermarkets and other types of malls.

Transport industry

These includes airports, cold transportation carriers and trucks.

Manufacturing industry

These includes factories and manufacturing plants.

Domestic clients

These include private residences and homes.

Our Products

What we deal in

Lean Ventures Ltd has commited itself to quality as the great operating precedence. Our goal is to ensure total customer satisfaction with our products and services through determination to exceed customer expectations. Our product line is as follows:

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We are proud of these numbers

Since inception, we have worked tirelessly to provide quality service and products to our clients.

120 Happy clients
500 Completed projects
20 000 Our target
Product brands

Our line of product brands

We deal in high quality and trusted local and international brands

  • Carrier
Corporate Social Responsibiltiy
Staff of LVL at a recent visit to Shamah Childrens home

Our aim is to ensure a satisfied clientele by ensuring that the customers get effective and professional services from our trained and qualified workforce hence maintaining a level of customer satisfaction.

Lean ventures Ltd operations are centered on LEAN MANUFACTURING principle of continuous service improvement in order to improve value in output.

Our success is enhanced and maintained by the talent, skill, and experience of our technicians and management team. We provide simple and maintainable solutions to our clients. These services include: performance surveys, conceptual and detailed design, supply, installation, commissioning, service, repair and maintenance of all cooling systems.

The services provided cover the personal safety and the welfare of our technicians within the work environment as well as taking care of the environment by preventing production of harmful non-environmental friendly emissions.

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Aztech Building (Sharp), Opposite NextGen Mall, Mombasa Road, Nairobi

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+254 713 773 333
+254 732 345 393
+254 787 391 015

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