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Fan and Duct Sizing


  • Duct sheets used: Galvanized Iron sheet, Aluminium Sheet and Pre-Insulated sheets.
  • Duct sheets are insulated from heat losses with mineral fibre, Rubber insulation sheet and sound proof cloth/ attenuators (does not apply to Pre-Insulated ducts)
  • Insulation thickness ranges from 6mm (1/4″) to 50mm (2″)
  • Special sheet glue is used to stick insulation on the metal sheets

Other Accessories:

  • Elbows (90 Degrees & 45 Degrees)
  • Fire dampers
  •  Backdraft shutters
  • Pre-filters, Hepa Filters
  • Gauze/ Expanded wire mesh
  • Supply / Extract grilles and Air registers
  • Volume control dampers (Preset and motorized)
  • Hangers, cleats and other joinery materials